Thursday, November 09, 2006


I ate a ginormous sirloin steak French dip sandwich for lunch. With fruit, not fries. Still: 1000 calories. *sigh* Sorta a mistake, but I'm still not hungry and I ate it four hours ago, so there's hope that I will last the night with a meager 200 calories available for dinner.

Tomorrow: no school, no school. If it's not pouring, I'll plant the rest of my bulbs, which I have neglected. I'll have a lopsided garden in the spring if I don't act fast.

A week from tomorrow: I'm helping chaperone the middle school dance! What joy. Kristin's tips: wear comfortable shoes, take frequent breaks from the putrid gym air. I hope they play "Forever Young"!

Next Saturday I'm taking two more Praxis tests. Ugh!

My muscles are sore from yoga yesterday. "Feel the power!"

I've been thinking a lot lately of where James and I are going to move. I really want to stay in the Northwest. Please, Universe, help us find the perfect place!

I love autumn. I love houses. I love houses in autumn, with trees in the front and a porch with pumpkins. *sigh*

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