Thursday, April 17, 2008

Phone Punk'd

I realize that I don't talk much about school, and I think I should share more. Today something great happened - it's not everyday I get a good guffaw in (during class time, at least).

There's this punkish student - let's call him "Johnny" - who has a pretty laid-back nature. Today I caught him texting during class. (He thought he was being super sneaky, and I let him do it until he thought he got away with it when I really had been watching the whole time.) I took his phone away, and he was devistated. "It's my whole life, Mrs. Wright! I can't wait until after school! Can I please have it back? I'll do anything!" Of course, the answer was always no. I DO get some sick pleasure watching students squirm. Anyway, a few minutes later he used one of his bathroom passes to go to the bathroom. Several moments later his phone began vibrating in my pocket. I looked at the number and recognized it as the office. I walked down to the office, picked up his phone with him watching, and told him that no, he couldn't have his phone. Laughing, we both went back to the classroom. I let about 15 minutes pass, then slipped out into the hallway. I pulled out his phone and dialed my classroom number. After it started ringing, I heard the students debate over whether or not/who should answer it. Finally someone did, and I said it was MHS and that I was looking for a "Johnny." They got him on the phone and I said, "You still can't have your phone!" as I walked back into the classroom. The students started laughing so hard, and said, "Dude, Johnny, you just got PUNK'D by MRS. WRIGHT!"

I can't imagine more wonderful embarrassment than the kind you get when you're tricked by your math teacher. Oh, I relished it.


Emily said...

You're the coolest teacher ever!

Skye said...

That's hilarious. I don't know what MHS is, and I assume you either need to be a teenager or closely associated with teenagers to know. Or else I'm really dense. But the story loses no hilarity nonetheless.

geode cacher said...

Seems like you are the latest in the long line of practical jokers in our family. Welcome to the club. (Jeanette Moore would also be proud.)

Stargirl said...

MHS is "McMinnville High School" - NOT the high school I work for.

And Mom, if you're just NOW noticing that I play jokes, you haven't been paying close attention.