Saturday, December 08, 2007

Body odor and Pac-Man

Teaching was interesting this week. (I went in on Thursday and Friday.) The kids didn't know why I was sick, as the rest of the MACA crew wasn't sure how much I wanted to be known. I figured the best way to explain Crohn's was through a Pac-Man analogy. Too bad I don't actually make the sound effects.

To be honest, being at school was hard. I was really glad to be back with the students (I really did miss them, even the snotty ones) and doing normal things again. But I'm tired, and achy, and the medicine makes me feel nauseas all the time. One of the few things that I can tolerate eating are those little colored/flavored mini-marshmallows, so I have a bag of those at my desk, and the students try to bum them off me all the time. Rubia convinced me to let her try one, and her face was priceless--not her cup of tea! One question I got from all the classes--"Is it contagious?" Once that was asked, 28 nervous little pairs of eyes pleaded at me from their desks... I was tempted a couple times to say yes, and you can get it simply by touching the same piece of paper, and then handing back old assignments. I figured the concerned parent calls wouldn't be worth it, though. So I satisfied my need for humor by convincing students to do silly things. Yesterday, Hayden did an interpretive dance at the front of the class, demonstrating a type of volcano. And I got all the guys in my math class to give a group hug to the "tough" guy. The squeals of "Stop! Stop! The BO!" was enough to last me for hours.

Thank you, everybody, for your concern and support and for checking up on me. It's helped me to keep a positive perspective and a sense of humor. Hubby has been gracious and helpful, and I'm so glad that both times I've had a flare-up, I've always gotten the support I need.


paul said...

Glad you're back in class utilizing your talent of terrifying teens with tales of gastrointestinal terror. Did I really just write that?

Anyway, glad you're feeling better and looking forward to hanging out.

geode cacher said...

I have a photo of Dad's guts (from an endoscopy) you could share with them if you want. That would scare anybody. Glad you are back in the saddle again my sweet.

Stargirl said...

I'd probably show pictures of someone else's intestines before my own.

Actually, I HAVE shown pictures of someone else's intestines.

I just like reminding kids that they, too, have disgusting things inside them.

Miss L said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Hopefully the tired/achy/nausea will wear off soon.

You sound like such a wonderful teacher! I would have loved to have seen a classmate do a volcanic-inspired dance.

Skye said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend!

Amber said...

Check out Sea Bands (found in pharmacies) to help with the icky tummy. They're just little bracelets you wear that put pressure on a point that helps. It could help. It worked for me for car sickness and first trimester ickyness.

Commercial over.

Moonbird said...

Does Hubby ever care to be called by his name? (Does one keep their name in public after matrimony?)

Wait, are you introduced as "the wife"?

Stargirl said...

I am known as "Wifey." And as "Mommy" when spoken to by the skunk.

I forgot about those bands! Good idea.