Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We feed our skunk on carrots and love

This afternoon, James walked through the door from work to the sound of clattering and skunk stomping.
Toby had scaled the kitchen drawers... all the way to the stovetop. He found my hanging onions, the garlic clove, the sugar jar, and the butter dish, among other things. And of course, he knew he was being naughty.... but James just couldn't be mad at the little dude! I mean, hauling himself all the way up to the stovetop must have been a great challenge. And the comedy of being greeted by a stomping skunk on the stove was hilarity, I'm told!
I took these pics last week. See how big he's getting!

Can you find his little nose in this one? He sleeps with us at night. He's a bedhog. Last night, he slept on my neck! His warm, soft belly fur is heaven...

When we're typing and we can't hold him, he still likes to be near us... (like my funky slipper socks?)


the mom said...

Hey, Mia has decided that it's fun to sit in the bathroom sink and stick her head in the water when I turn it on. Her whole head. Ah, animals. What would life be like without them?

FireFly said...

Wow he Is getting big! Is he fixed now?

-luv the socks

Iron Chef Boyardee said...

Not fixed yet. Should be another couple weeks.