Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Admitting it

When Emily Potter and I were roommates, we'd have lots of conversations about futures and plans and wishes and such. She had decided to apply for graduate school, but was reluctant to tell anyone, because somehow she felt that if she told someone the magic would wear off and she wouldn't get accepted. I agreed--I, too, hesitate to tell people my real plans for fear that once the universe knows about them, they'll fall through.

Emily made the decision to tell a few people.

And in the tradition of becoming vulnerable (as I told Emily I would), I am now telling the universe. This might seem trite and easy to some people, but it's hard for me... but I need help and support from everyone, so I'm cluing you in.

I've told everyone that I want to lose weight, and that Hubby and I are changing our lifestyles so we can do that. As I approach my 1-month mark on my diet, I've finalized my goal.

One month ago, I weighed 216 pounds... the heaviest I've ever been.
This morning, I weighed 208 pounds.
That means about 8 pounds a month, if I keep plugging along and doing it right.

So.... that means that in 6 months, I will lose 48 pounds and will be at my target weight of 160. I don't think I've weighed that since 7th grade.

Thank you all for becoming a part of this with me... for your support, tips, and love.


the mom said...

You rock, Aud. And way to go James-O. Just had a great fresh broccoli salad and baked salmon for dinner, myself. You are my inspiration...Love you babe.

Laura H said...

Audrey, congratulations on your decision to take care of yourself! As long as you relax and remember why you have this goal - that losing this weight is something YOU want - you will feel good about all of your progress. "One step back, two steps forward," has helped me in so many ways because I tend to abandon goals if I feel like I did something harmful/irresponsible/useless. Now, instead of throwing up my hands with the thought "I screwed up, it's over" I just think of two positive steps to take in the right direction. That way, I'm still ahead!

Tamara said...

Oh my goodness! You've conquered so much already!!!
Doing scary things to make big changes is, well... SCARY! :)
I remember when I wanted to run a marathon. It was absolutely crazy seeing as I'd never really run before. I'd been more of one who would unwillingly drag myself along the track in high school when we were tested to run the mile. It was horrible.
But I told people about my silly, seemingly unconquerable goal. And I made it to the finish line because of it.
YOU WILL TOO! Your finish line awaits! And it's so much closer than you think it is!
Thank you so much for sharing your goals and dreams with us and making US part of the journey too!

FireFly said...

Keep on truckin' Audrey (& James too!)
You are brave admit boldly to the universe and as a member of that universe I salute you and honor this wonderful goal. Just keep it happy. I'm sending you some strength.
Healthy is good
Healthy is happy

Iron Chef Boyardee said...

Yeah... I'm down 12 in the same time. I, however, am not admitting where I'm starting from.

Moonbird said...

YES!! Vulnerability, baby! I'm RIGHT THERE with you, and loving your whole wheat bread and sprouted grains and all the things you decide not to eat. Yahoo!

Moonbird said...

Audrey, Lumina and I are on the internet phone right now and we read this together. We are so proud of you together, and we're here and sending lots of love your way.