Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's all about class.

Last night I had the wonderful privilege of making dinner with Hubby. We took a trip down to the Portland Farmer's Market and got fresh, organic onions, basil, apricots, raspberries, locally farmed sausage (the pigs were farmed, I guess. Not the sausage), peppers, tomatoes, and olive ciabatta. Then we got some fresh linguine, fresh Parmesan, and soft black peppercorn & parmesan Rondele to toast on the bread. Several hours later, we had a delicious spaghetti sauce made! I also had Cuban Oregano in the kitchen, which was also added to the sauce. I didn't take a picture of the apricot-raspberry "crisp", because it was more of a "soggy." Still delicious, even if it was soupy. And I must add, that I think the sauce was one of the best tomato sauces I've had in a really really long time. I think it was the Hubby that made it so good.

And this morning I slept in with the skunkie. Can you see how his back feet are flipped all the way up to his head? and his little front paws are tucked up by me? I love him I love him!

Finally, I have some good news to share. After much deliberation, I decided to go the "classy" route with my car. We purchased this gem on Monday evening.

Notice the absence of hubcaps--a real nice touch. And the tape that's been baked into the windshield.

No car would be incomplete without a bashed-in trunk missing its lock! This beauty can only be opened by climbing behind the back seats and pulling on a cord.
I would have also had a picture of the gaping hole in the dash with the wires hanging out of it where a radio would be, but I quickly installed an actual device that plays music. I DO have an hour commute, after all.
The ignition has a special "trick" to it, the driver's side door can't be unlocked so you have to go through the passenger side, and there's a couple places on the dash where buttons used to be but aren't anymore. At least it has power steering.
All this, for a mere $800!!!!! Actually, for as great as the engine runs, that's quite a "steal." Get it?
Oh, and now I've been doing plenty of reminiscing about Waffles, my old '88 Mercury Tracer. This one doesn't look a bit like it, nor does it have the same engine, but it's a manual as well, and handles quite similarly. Oh, Waffles! This one I named "Joey Lawrence."


Moonbird said...

You're so weird!! I love it! Weirdo weirdo weirdo! Do people get your humor?!

Emily said...

I get her humor -and I like it.

Your food sounds too yummy
Your skunkie snuggle is too cute
And Joey Lawence it too,too
well um, too much
(the funny thing is that I've had two cars before that I had to crawl in from the other side. They were both hand painted cars. the first one died on the bridge to H84 and backed up traffic to tht point of having a news helicopter over my head. the second one just dissapeared into oblivion)

Hey, It's Ansley said...

About the pictures, in order:

So yummy, I'm hungry
So cute, I'm jealous
So new but so old, I'm excited for the stories to come about adventures in this car

Gage & Jessica said...

Cotton cuddles with us too at night, and he insists on laying on his back for belly scratching. This week I gave a presentation at the University of Minnesota Medical School on the use of skunks and Animal-assisted Therapy. It rocked, of course.

Moonbird said...

Hey Audrey, I thought about this picture of the food the other day when I was hungry and trying to figure out what I wanted for dinner. That's funny to me.

Stargirl said...

Ha ha ha!

That's funny, because every time I eat baby carrots, I think of the picture of you playing with them next to James when we visited you in Montana!