Friday, June 01, 2007


So, I'm done with my Work Sample (turned it in Wednesday, along with my final evaluation)... I'm done with student teaching (even though I still show up for some classes; I'm hooked on the kids!), I'm done with classes.... I'm done!!!!!
I just have to wait for my license to come through, maybe sign a paper, and that's it! I'm a full-fledged teacher! Ahh.... it feels so good to be done.

The picture has nothing to do with this post.


Emily said...

YaY! Good Job Audrey! You finally did it and we are sooo happy for you :)

oh, and at first look at that picture wth caption I thought you were threatening my Cat dang it! That would have been a challenge she would gladlly take on by the way...

Miss L said...

toby is so cute!

congrats, congrats. I'm sure it feels wonderful. so jealous - I am still working on my thesis, hopefully will finish this summer.