Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I heart herbs and pots and pans

Hubby gave me one of the most thoughtful gifts I think I've ever received for my birthday. I came home to discover that he had installed a very cute shelf in the kitchen and bought pots and herbs! He even accounted for "morning sun" so our lovely kitchen garden will grow strong. Yay! He knows how sad I've been about not having a garden of my own, so he brought one to me. How sweet is that!?

Also, Toby is super cute. He's found himself a new favorite hidey-hole: behind some pots in a kitchen cupboard. This is him peeking out. I woke him from a nap. He was using some stored-away plates as a pillow.

He says, "I'm coming out now!"


Carol said...
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connectedlight said...

your birthday? happy belated bday!!!! and yes, you have a very sweet hubby! one for you james!

Tamara said...

How wonderful!!! I love it! Perfect little birthday surprise! :)
What kind of herbs are they?

(btw, I love that you have Jane Eyre as an island necessity)