Friday, August 25, 2006

Skunks in the Park

Last night, James, Toby and I met with Gage, Jessica, Aroma, and Cotton at Waterfront Park. It was a beautiful night, and Toby had the time of his life!

Toby's three favorite things were running (didn't get a shot of us chasing him, and we'd be a blur anyway), digging (pictured below),

and "playing" with his new lady friend, Aroma. She didn't fight him off, which surprised Gage and Jessica, but he was a little rough with her. Um, it's time for him to get neutered. I had no idea he had so much stamina. I don't blame him, though. She's gorgeous.

From top of picture to bottom: Toby, Aroma, and Cotton. All three of them are different types of skunks! Chocolate Chip, Classic black & white, and Grayback, respectively. Toby has the prettiest tail. Did you know they have skunk tail beauty contests? I found the national champion's picture last night and Toby really does have a chance at that title.

Here's a pooped Toby cuddling with Bunny, my sock puppet friend.


Moonbird said...

so you didn't need a leash in the park, huh? Wow, how did you manage that? No really, I want to know.

Stargirl said...

Um... I did lots of running. Also, there was a hot chick there for Toby to play with, and that kept him busy. Oh, and he had to stop to dig a lot. He loves digging.

Iron Chef Boyardee said...

Big wide open space made it easier.