Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last week, super busy

First, our friends Gage and Jessica moved to Minnesota. Sadness! No more skunkie playdates. Jessica suprised Gage by being baptised the day before they left. James and I attended, and it was very special and sweet. Gage was surprised and touched. After the baptism, we went out to dinner downtown and spent some good time together before they moved to the boonies. (Gage is doing his doctoral internship there.)

The next night, James and I went to a Samples concert. I was surprised they made it back to PDX so soon (they were here in April)! It was probably the best show of theirs I've been to, and James and I had seats front and center.

Sean flashed me a peace sign when he saw my camera! That peace sign is for ME!

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