Thursday, April 15, 2010

With the weather getting nice I've been spending a lot of time outdoors. Already I have my balcony looking nice with plants and I've been hiking three times this week already. I've decided that I need to schedule in some weekend (or weekday, depending on when James starts subbing) backpacking trips... let me know if you're in the area and you're interested!

Still on the diet. It's going pretty well, although I'm losing less weight than I theoretically should. At least it's still coming off. But hey! At this rate I'll be 50 lbs lighter in a year. (If I have to starve myself like this for a whole year I'll go crazy.)


Paul and Susan said...

I wish I had your will power for dieting. I do good one or two days and then blow it. I eat to cope with my emotions. I have to find another way to cope! Good luck and thanks for setting a good example.

Gage & Jessica said...

Any fun summer plans or trips coming up?

Stargirl said...

I've scheduled some time to go backpacking, but we'll see how that goes. Most likely I'll be starting a licensing program which will suck up all summer time. :(