Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Progress! ...but a totally boring post.

The semester's coming to an end. I'll miss my classes, but at least I see all these kids all the time so it won't be like I have to wait for them to come visit me or something. I'll miss Psych, too. But I am looking forward to my World Cultures class!

I'm also feeling pretty great about my diet/exercise program. Not like it's a "program" program; I'm just eating scantily and exercising. Today I only had 1220 calories and I went to the gym. I keep forgetting that I can't just pick up where I left off six months ago; I want to run three miles at once but my body just can't handle it, so I overdid it Sunday and had to take a break yesterday. Boo. I also bought Acai berry drink fortification stuff at Whole Foods and I've been mixing that with OJ every night.

Update on my New Year's Rez! I'm happy to announce I completed January's "two new things" last week. This month I used homemade laundry detergent and I also ate antelope for the first time. Oh man, it was good! Thanks to Laurie, who supplied the roast, and Hubby for cooking it up.

The gym I work out at has mini personal TVs on all the treadmills. Today I (a little ironically) watched The Food Network - it made the time totally fly by. I heart Duff.


russia boy said...

Congrats Aud! This was not boring at all; hello, you ate antelope!

Paul and Susan said...

It sounds like you have been adventuresome!
Good for you.