Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm feeling a bit better. I love love love my doctor and as long as I'm living in the same state I'm going to her.

The skunks have been super extra cuddly lately.

I shampooed the stairs today.

Three weeks of school before Spring Break! Hubby and I might be going out of town, which makes me a little excited. Sometimes I feel exiled out here in Newberg.

Oh, and I've lost another couple of pounds. I took a hiatus from the Bod Blog for a couple of weeks because A) I plateaued and was bitter about it, B) a whole bunch of school + social stuff made it really hard to stick to, and even if I didn't cheat horrendously I still didn't feel like writing about it, and C) I've been busy with other stuff. Oh and also I lost my calorie binder for a couple of weeks so I wasn't writing calories down - which is total diet suicide for me. Being sick this past week has been the best boost to my diet ever. Can't taste food? Not as appealing.

A couple weekends ago I went with Liz and Jason out to Champoeg (sham-poo-ey) State Park and shot some pics. These haven't been through Photoshop and I'm planning some funky stuff for them.


russia boy said...

Beautiful shots Aud! I need to jump start my diet... I did really well until the holidays and although I've lost 23 pounds, I've plateaued and I hate it!! Any suggestions????

Stargirl said...

Wow, 23 lbs! Well done.

The only thing I've figured out about plateauing is that you have to start your metabolism again, which means switching up exercise regime. I hate that. (Which is why I don't succeed all the time!)

Paul and Susan said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick. Again, I impressed by your photographic abilities (and a bit jealous). You have a creative eye. What a talent.