Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long days.

I am tired.

Two 13 hour work days in a row, with a 1-hour commute both ways...

Parent phone calls, lesson planning, after-school homework help, Art Club, Project-Based Learning, Advisory, modifications for English Language Learners, modifications for SPED students, technology, grading, finding time to eat lunch, following directions, explaining directions, writing down directions, no passing periods between classes, learning the Adobe Suite, public relations, ECHO, Reading Strategies, journal writing, tracking sheets, rules, the Constitution, THE MASCOT WE NEED A MASCOT WHAT SHOULD OUR MASCOT BE, homework, drama, enablers, co-dependence, excuses excuses excuses, Evolution is wrong, Math is boring, why do we do this, off campus lunch. Math night, science night, Back to School Night, parent night, meeting night. District meeting. Inservice day. Trainings. E3 coach, PBL coach, IMP coach, WriteSource coach, 1st year teacher mentor(s), ELL support, SPED support, SmartBoard trainer.


connectedlight said...

whew! breathe girrrl, breathe!

Emily said...


Skye said...

Wow. That sounds insane. You're, like, the energizer bunny.

On the bright side, maybe motherhood won't seem like such a big adjustment when it happens :)

Moonbird said...

I love lists like these. I love that we have no idea what you're talking about, but YOU DO! I love that you'll have this list documented and in a few months it will be the same exhaustion of long days, but a completely different list. And I love that the time you're putting into the moments in this list is (rather literally) making the world a better place, and you can be assured when you go to bed at night that you found your calling in doing so.

Saving the world from its own ignorance IS hard work! And you're saving the world! Of course you're exhausted! Three cheers for the teacher!

Stargirl said...

Thank you thank you all for your support and sympathy!

Today, some bright sides:
*It smelled like autumn for the first time this year.
*No kids at school today, and I got all caught up in grading.
*We had a very productive meeting today. We talked about many things on that list. Woot!