Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Quick update

James and I had a relaxing and wonderful Thanksgiving at the Wright's. Mom made a 27 POUND TURKEY! I've never seen a bigger bird.
At first, I wrote in "27 pound turkey" on the picture, but I put it next to James' head, and it looked like I was calling him a turkey... and we all know that I would never, ever tease James.

Toby has been very cuddly. He's turned into a little lap skunk... which is cute, but he demands to be held when I'm writing papers. So, I stuffed him into my bathrobe earlier in the week. He was in heaven.

*sniff sniff* My first chalk purchase as a teacher! Upon opening the box, I promptly (and accidentally) broke the first piece in half. Bah!

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FireFly said...

Good update Aud.
Im surprised that a skunk is so snuggly... I underestimated the pet potential of that species.

gobble gobble