Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Skunkie Playdate!

Skunks! Skunks everywhere!!!

Toby had a great time tonight playing with his new friends. He was a little shy at first, but he warmed up nicely to Cotton and Aroma.
And of course, James and I had a blast playing with our old friends, Gage, Jessica, and Terrence.

Terrence with a lazy Aroma. She was so tired, you can hold her any which way and she lay there like a sack of beans.

Jessica, with Aroma. Aroma is new to Gage and Jessica's family of skunks (she's the third--to Chunk and Cotton), and she's simply delightful!

Aroma is on the right, and there is Toby violating Cotton. He's feisty.

In the end, the little ones were so tired! And Toby just wanted to cuddle and cuddle...


FireFly said...

Too funky to have Skunk Playdates!

I like updates like these
(they keep me goin - yo)

Laura H said...

my rabbit Stu wants to meet toby. Do you think skunks and rabbits would get along in real life? like in bambi?

Stargirl said...

Gage and Jessica have a bunny, too. I think they're all friends!
James and I went over to his parents' house tonight, and they have a snobby cat. They ignored each other.... which is probably good for Toby, because if Lily had decided he looks like good eatin', Toby would have no defense! We have cruelly taken it away!