Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Meet Little Tobias!

Um, so this is kinda embarrassing... for our skunk.

See, we've been calling her Lucy.

But Lucy is kinda a girly name. Most boys don't want to be called Lucy, or even Lucille. Or "she" in basic conversations, either. And we've been doing that the whole time! Oh, the humanity! (Or, as James pointed out, "skunkanity")

Yes, we found out today that Lucy is most likely a boy... not 100% certain yet, mind you, 'cause he/she/it is still quite young, and skunkies at this age are not very well endowed. But the vet said (in addition to confirming little skunkie's cold and giving it medicine) that she's "pretty sure" it's a boy. So, we've changed names to Tobias (or Toby for short). I think he likes it better. And boy, I'm sure he was relieved when the vet discovered his little secret! Now he doesn't have to be paraded around as a little lady skunk anymore! (Speaking of paraded around: where's Suri? *twilight zone music*)

We are very happy with Toby. He's the cutest little cuddlebug. I take him to school with me, and the store, and all around town, and he's content to just sleep stretched out inside my jacket with his little head and two paws poking out the top, snuggling at my neck. Oh oh oh so cute! And he does have a cold right now, the poor little guy is sniffling and sneezing. We got him some medicine and he'll be just fine.

Oh, and non-skunk related news: I must brag. Everyone knows I freely admit what a wonderful charmer I am, but today I think I really deserve to say it. I deserve it, dangit! I don't sing my own praises enough! So, with that said... One of my professors wrote at the end of a paper I wrote:
"Superb. Please publish! You have presented compelling information based on sound reserach. Your conversational writing style is impressive and invites the reader to follow your argument. I am so pleased you will soon be a teacher! Keep writing--" And she gave me more points that were possible. Sweet! And she and another professor have asked me to give them copies of my work so future students can use them as work samples. I ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!


Blair said...

"And she gave me more points that were possible."

Hmm... the prof was impessed by your writing, huh? :) Oh, Aud, we love you. Congratulations, I'm sure your paper was wonderful. :)

Did you name Tobias after the guy on Arrested Development?

Iron Chef Boyardee said...

Yes. Hence when we thought it was a girl, it was named Lucille.

"Tobias... was a never-nude..."

FireFly said...

You can't name it Tobias! That was one of the most likely names for my baby! A People baby.

Iron Chef Boyardee said...

You can still name your baby after our skunkie :)

FireFly said...

Not "after your skunkie"
only 'coincidently the same' because you heard me blab off my fav names and STOLE it!
besides an animals name is long forgotton once it's buried in the back yard.