Friday, June 16, 2006


On Saturday and Sunday, my parents drove us up to Boston. We saw where Paul Revere rode, and visited the Battle Road where the Battle of Lexington-Concorde was fought that sparked the Revolution. Old stuff is dope.

Near the battle sites, there's an old cemetery:

In it is buried Nathanial Hawthorne...

And Ralph Waldo Emerson...

And Thoreau, and Alcott... But no Walt Whitman, alas.

Here is James sitting by the Old North Bridge, where the Lexington-Concorde battle began.

The river was so swollen! This sign reads, "Follow path to Visitors center" + arrow. Uhhh... no thank you. I'll go around.

James and I standing on the Battle Road...

On Sunday, we were going to make a quick run to see Fenway Park (no scheduled game), and then do a historic tour downtown... but serendipidously, the Sox were having a make-up game! Yay! What great luck!

I'm glad my super hubby got to see a game in Fenway Park. I had a blast! We had hot dogs and ice cream in little helmet cups. Did you know Fenway still has the original wooden seats?

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