Sunday, October 16, 2005


It has come to my alarming attention that my blog will not post comments. You write one in, and you say, "Post!", and it says in reply, "I'm not listening, I'm not listening..." This infuriates me. James to the rescue! (Please?)

In other news...

Did you know that ancient Romans wouldn't bathe in water? Especially if they were rich? They thought it was dirty. Instead, they'd spread oil all over themselves and then have a slave scrape it off them with something called a "scapula" (it's been a while but I think that's how it's spelled) that resembles a mini boomerang with a handle.

Oh, and now James has hidden my new wedding band because I like it too much and I snuck it off to church today to show it off to Kadra. I didn't even wear it on the correct finger. I wore it on my thumb. And now he's revoked my ring-looking privileges.

And tomorrow we're going to watch an exhilirating "Under the Sea" film for Science Day!

Do you see Noah's EYES in that picture?!?!


Stargirl said...

I have fixed the commentary with extreme prejudice.

paul said...

Excellent. I had comments on some of your old posts and was extremely frustrated with the fact that they don't be workin'. I just figured you were doing it to torment your friends by asking intriguing questions and not allowing any comments. But really you were feeling like a big loser-face because you thought no one was reading your blog. Sucka.

Stargirl said...

Yes, James fixed it for me. He has leet computer hacking skills and is dead sexy.

Stargirl said...

James wrote that last comment. Not me.

But that doesn't mean it's not true.