Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween, MACA style

So, to raise funds for the kids going to New York in the Spring, we hosted the MACA Halloween party. This meant that I did most of the planning, but I was impressed by how much the kids did. Fun times were had by all! It was a really great turnout, we made lots of moolah, and we all got to see the principal play Guitar Hero.

As a tech arts school, we of course had to do some techy things. We have a covered outdoor area, and we projected The Ring on one of its walls. I forgot how creepy that movie is. And yes, it's only PG-13! Also, we hooked a Wii up to one of the projectors in the Media Lab, and also had two PS2's playing with Karaoke and Guitar Hero. We did it arcade-style - 25 cents per turn. Also, we had purchased a fusball table the weekend before at the Rummage Sale (what a nightmare last week was - definitely not worth the $250 we got out of it), and we set up a Ping Pong table in there as well. In my classroom, the kids decked it out with two strobe lights (thank goodness no one had a seizure), four black lights, a lazer light, and some good dance music. We also sold homemade goodies (cookies and almond roca), soda, candy, and even had a smoothie station! We sold out of many items.
For legal reasons, I can't post pictures of some students, so to play it safe, I only included one. This is Tiffany, the Smoothie Guru.

Andrea the dinosaur, and Liz the nerd. Liz and I drove all the way to Fry's on Wednesday evening, JUST to pick up the pocket protectors.

Laurie (the Principal) also gave me a Walkie Talkie so we could be in constant communication.
Percentage of real communication: 22%. The rest was just playing. Felt like old times (NBHC), only I got one of those real heavy-duty industrial Walkies, so I felt even cooler.
It was a desperate hope of mine to be out of the building by 10:00 (party ended at 9). I was more than pleased that all the cleaning was done by 9:45! It was marvelous.


the mom said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun and hopefully raised some cash for the trip. I really hope that works out for the students. What a fun school!

Gage & Jessica said...

Hilarious, where do you come up with this stuff? I want a pocket protector for Christmas, ruined my fav shirt last month.

Paul and Susan said...

Your school is lucky to have you! You are very creative. Keep up the great work.