Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, and much, much more!

Last weekend, Lumina came back to the states from Korea. She's spent the last three years there! There was a party at Skye and Jared's to commemorate.

Emily Potter was even there! It fah-bulous to hear Emily play, as well as Skye. Dancing commenced.

This is Skye eating a peice of dried squid. The Banana Juice was quite tasty, she said, but I don't think she'd do the squid again.

The happy couple. They're getting married in less than two weeks!

Then, last Thursday, MACA held it's First Annual Media that Matters Tech Fest. Wow, I was totally amazed at what our kids have done. This is a pic of one of our students (the one who was gracious enough to let us stay at her grandma's house at the beach a few weeks back) giving the opening speech. I was floored - it was a really terrific speech. We held the Fest "Academy" style, with awards.

Heather before the Fest began. I am so glad I work with such professionals. :)

Then, James had his birthday on Friday! We went over to his folks' place and had delicious Pink Lemonade Cake.

Donna and I made dinner. She had a really fabulous Wolfgang Punk recipe for pork, that required Port. She had purchased some Cabernet, which was super delicious with it, but as we were in the middle of cooking she asked me how I would recommend opening the corked bottle. "Don't you have a corkscrew?" Of course not - they don't drink. So, brainstorming began:
1. I could run to the store
2. Maybe stick a knife in it to pry it up?
3. Drill a hole in the cork to pour it out?
4. Push the cork into the bottle?
James' dad ended up drilling a screw into it. A long screw. This is Amy holding the screwed bottle:

James then took pliers to try to pry up the cork. It worked, until he got all the part of the cork with the screw up from the neck, and the top part of the cork ripped off. Then he just shoved the rest of the cork back into the bottle. That was the most redneck way to open a wine bottle as I can imagine.

...but, dinner turned out amazingly, and I wouldn't have altered a thing.


Amber said...

What an exciting time! I've seen someone open a bottle with a quick slash of a sword before...

Emily said...

I'm so sad I couldn't be there too:(
I miss portland...
though im glad everyone had such fun ;)

Skye said...

What great pics! I'm glad you documented the night. Although I have mixed feelings about the squid-eating picture of me - not flattering. Hopefully people reading your blog love me anyway.