Friday, February 15, 2008

You haven't lived until you've heard nine cellos play "Sweet Child of Mine." ...Followed by a lovely Vivaldi number.

Valentine's was filled with sparkles, a handlebar 'stached accordian player, a professional hula-hooper, and music that might be described as The Decemberists on Vaudevillian LSD. Also, about 12 cellos. I lost count.

I felt like I was getting a fair share of both culture and freak show. And I am totally stoked that I could do both at the same time.

Thank you, Vagabond Opera! And your cello guests! And Libby for the suggestion!


Anonymous said...

Hey glad you could see them and you had fun! They are great!

Stargirl said...

I also must add that our audience was anything but stifled, as your Seattle group was. If anything, it was too loud at times. Half the audience was dressed like they belonged on stage!

Iron Chef Boyardee said...

On a fun note, there was another connection there, as Skip, the cellist, has played on several occasions with our friend Skye Pixton.