Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mrs. Wright

So, it all went wonderfully.
Most of my family was there, and my dear friends from college, and my dear friends from PDX, and much of my new family... and I love them all! Everything went exactly as planned, and even better in some cases... it was supposed to rain, and it didn't... I was supposed to fall down coming down the aisle or puke on the bishop, but I didn't... James was supposed to come to his senses and say "no," but he didn't... etc. etc. I was sorry I couldn't invite everyone I knew, because it really was delightful... and the music and food and ambiance and spirit was a blessing for James and I beginning a family. It's strange, how everything comes together... things that ordinarily might not be such a big deal - a gathering of friends and family, putting on a dress, saying some words in a church - how all of these things come together and create a spirit so strong and wonderful. I'd like to say how smoothly things went, and how right things felt, and how I think it's a sign that we are truly blessed to have made it through our struggles to find each other in the end.
I thank all of you for your support and love!

Mrs. Wright


FireFly said...

Congratulations lovely Audrey Wright! It was so beautiful and sweet. Im soory i couldnt go to the reception dinner but i loved the ceremony and the darling church!

I posted some of my pictures of it on my blog

love you much

lumina said...

chukkhammidah Audrey.

What a beautiful beautiful bride.

Love love love to the sky!