Sunday, September 25, 2005

Skyrockets in flight...

I have now joined the ranks of those that call themselves "Blogtastic." I feel somewhat ashamed, as most will find out my life is not anywhere near exciting enough to warrant a blog. Even that word is too exciting for me. So, I will apologize, and instead of telling you something that's going on in MY life, I'll copy and paste from someone else's blog. If you can tell me who it is, I'll give you a prize!

"ok...happy birthday to me. is it tacky to wish oneself a happy birthday? eh, so be it. happy birthday to me. and...i've crossed a threshold. i'm now...26 years old.boy, i sure do feel old being 26. well, i'm not 26.a bit older than 26. i'm...27.or more.a lot...more. and i get to celebrate my birthday flying to chile! nothing says 'good time birthday party FUN' like watching 'friends' dubbed into spanish at 38,000 feet. and for the record: colombia is a beautiful place. today we went about an hour outside of bogota, up into the hills/mountains, and it's gorgeous. i'm sorry that i can't spend more time here in colombia. oh, there are some new photos in [photo url]. happy birthday to me. and thank you for all of your very nice birthday wishes /consolations."

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