Saturday, March 17, 2007

Backpacking anyone?

This picture was taken last year on the last camping trip I've taken. James and I went with Kelli + her date, Bryce, and Kadra to Trillium Lake. It was beautiful, and we took our little Toby. He was just a little baby then! He could fit in your jacket pocket or up your sleeve.

My spring break is the last week of March, and I'd love love love to go backpacking (just for one night). For convenience's sake, I'd leave March 31 and come back the next day (Saturday-Sunday) and I'm open to suggestions as to where to go. I'm thinking perhaps the Clackamas River Trail? Anyone ever been? I guess there's places to camp right on the beach, and we'd only hike in about a mile or so. Nice!

I'll drive. Oh, and I don't have a tent (I prefer open air) so if you need/want one, you're on your own. Other than that, I can supply most everything else. And if anyone wants some great warm-up hikes, my beautiful Marquam Nature trail is a convenient 1.5 blocks from my house, so we can warm-up together!

Anyone? Anyone?


connectedlight said...

i'm in!

Miss L said...

I wish! have a great time :)

Moonbird said...

I'm in... sort of.
I'm actually meeting Lumina in Mumbai that day! Yay for family get togethers!