Friday, September 22, 2006

Autumn is close!

I am very very very excited for autumn. It's my favorite season. I have pumpkins and colorful Indian corn and fake leaves spread about the place. Which reminds me of my wedding decorations! ...which then reminds me that it's our one year anniversary in a month and a half! Sheesh! Where has the time gone?

Looking for a digital camera. One of my friends just bought a new fancy one; I think I'll buy his old one. That would mean that I haven't had a new camera since I was about 12, if ever. But I'm looking forward to posting pictures again. Toby's getting big. And, you know, so much more exciting stuff is going on.

I've started my practicum. The kids are hilarious. They're seventh graders. This morning, one of them opened the school door for me, and some of them said, "Good morning, Ms. Wright!" as they walked in the classroom. It's only my third day, but some of them are already taking full advantage of my attention. And the thumbsucker cracks me up. Isn't there always a thumbsucker? I'm also very impressed with the amount of technology they have in the classrooms. The last two days, each student has been working on a laptop and digital cameras, altering photographs and doing picture analysis. It's great! Oh, and totally fun. Click here to do what we did, and go to "Portrait Project." Have a digital headshot of yourself handy, and play!

Great band: Devotchka. Check them out.

I'm sickly. My body's fighting it, but I'm afraid it's a losing battle. My poor little white blood cells. Go, little leukocytes, go! Oh, and I took the rest of my biology Praxis tests last Saturday. Maybe I passed. Maybe.

I've been having strange dreams lately.


paul said...

I've been listening to Devotchka too - good stuff!

FireFly said...

I hope your little blood cells perk up soon. I don't like it when you are sick :(
Glad all else is good.
Happy fall!

Kelli said...

hey babe-a
get better soon k--we should hang out soon--perhaps carve pumpkins in a couple weeks? oh, and i need to pick up emily's cd from you too! okay get well and talk to you soon.

the mom said...

Here's some virtual chicken soup:
~~~~~~~~ (more noodles)
00000000 (carrots)
mmmmmm (chicken)

Feel better soon Aud.

Stargirl said...

Are those m's chicken feet?
Are you making me chicken feet soup?

mmm, my childhood favorite! Crunchy, yet flavorful! ;)