Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Quarter of a century...

For those of you fortunate enough to know The Samples...
They came to Portland on my birthday! It was my fourth show, and in my opinion, the best I've seen. Sean was fantastic. Thank you to James, for rocking out with me and knowing the words (he's been listening to them without me! Now he knows oodles!); and thank you Kadra, for appreciating both the music AND the fact that I know Jacques the sound guy; and for Bryce, for rushing out all the way to Lola's after Skye's concert. After the show, Sean wrote me a happy birthday note on the back of the set list that James had swiped, and he took a picture of us together to email to me later.

Thank you, Kadra, for the delightful sock puppet book! Oh, what fun times I've had at work this week. Mr. Crumplesandwich is my friend!


FireFly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear wonderful Amazing Gorgeous AUDREY!!!!!!

Im glad you had fun

and those sock puppets are hot!

I love you tons!!!!!!!!

lumina said...

I love the Samples!

I almost married one of my BYU boyfriends because he dedicated the lyrics "With my hands, I will build you, castles in the sand, and the promise of a land, that will keep you...from the weight of the world."

but..I didn't. sorry Jeff.

I haven't listened to them for a long time though...send me some of their songs please, if you have them on mp3.

Calum Doherty said...

Hello there, Stargirl!

I was wondering if you still have me. Crunllesandwich? I am interested in buying him :)